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Monthly Archives: August 2021

We present you a complete document compiling an overview of the diagnostic of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense tropical race 4 (Foc TR4). aims to be a guide for a successful diagnostic with Real-Time PCR while also covering the pre-diagnostic step of sample collection and preparation. In addition, this document includes an extensive result interpretation and troubleshooting section, as an aid for result interpretation for accurate diagnosis.

Check the document here: Diagnostic of TR4 via Real-Time PCR


The European plant Health Industry association EPDIA was launched in June 2021 on the scope of project Valitest.

The Association currently based in The Netherlands aims to play a key role on plant health diagnostics by being a connection point between kit producers, service laboratories, farmers and plant health authorities and organizational bodies. For now follow EPDIA on twitter and after summer more news about EPDIA should be announced.
We proudly announce:

Irene Cabal Blanco honorable third place on the contest Plant Health TV promoted by Euphresco!

During her internship at ClearDetections she made an excellent animation video explaining the topic she has working on: diagnostic of Panama Disease (Foc TR4) in Banana. Irene continues to work closely in Fusarium TR4 to help banana farmers and phytosanitary authorities with diagnostic of this threat.

Watch the prized video here.