Molecular methods are fast, sensitive, specific and accurate. The table on the right is a comparison between both methods:

The cost of shipment varies according to your location and to the order itself (weight & dimensions). No dry ice is required which allows for a cheaper shipment. To inquire about costs, contact us.

All our Kits are made with a minimum of 50 reactions. Kits with more reactions are also possible. For pricing please contact us.

All of our Real-Time PCR assays are simplex. Different target species assays can be carried out in one single PCR run simultaneously, as their PCR conditions are equal.

The goal of each customer when using one of our products may differ thus the layout of an experiment changes accordingly. For technical support, please contact us.

To perform diagnostics with our Kit you need a Real-Time PCR equipment. For sample preparation you need standard equipment for a molecular laboratory.

The DNA extraction kit(s) require a thermoincubator and a micro centrifuge (tube format) or plate centrifuge (plate format) which can fit a plate assembly 58 mm high.

Our assays use a fluorescent DNA binding dye for detection and therefore will produce good results with any Real-Time PCR machine that has a FAM/SYBR Green channel for detection.

The ClearDetections PCR mix does not contain any fluorescence reference dye but if required it can be added separately to the reconstituted PCR mix (e.g. Rox or Fluorescein).

ClearDetections Real-Time PCR assays are designed and tested only for Real-Time PCR purposes. Please contact us for further inquiries on this matter.

Please contact ClearDetections at info@cleardetections.com. We might already be working on this assay or be open to its development.