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Nematode Real-Time PCR Diagnostic Kits

Nematode Real-Time PCR diagnostic kits

ClearDetections Real-Time PCR diagnostic kits enhance your nematode identification and detection accuracy with a yes/no genetic test, thus speeding up your diagnostic analysis. Our Real-Time PCR diagnostic kits for nematodes has been validated in silico against our > 4000 nematode sequence database and developed with a framework for ISO 9001 to ensure quality.  

Confirm phenotypic diagnoses and replace the need for microscopy altogether. Multiple species of nematodes can be combined in one PCR run, as the Ta for all ClearDetections Real-Time PCR assays for nematodes is equal. We also offer diagnostics kits to detect general nematodes species to aid you in your research or phytodiagnostics analysis.

Nematode Real-Time PCR Diagnostic Kits

Choose the kit(s) that suits you the best:

  • General nematode assay (to be used as extraction control)
  • Bio indicator nematode assay (genera or family specific)
  • Plant pathogenic nematode assay (genera or species-specific)

Included in each kit:

  • Lyophilized PCR mix
  • Specific primer set(s)
  • Lyophilized Positive amplification control
  • Resuspension buffer

General Nematode Real-Time PCR Diagnostic kit

Product code Description
RT-N-D-GENS General Nematode Real-Time PCR Diagnostic Kit

Nematode Genera and Family Real-Time PCR Diagnostic Kits

Product code Genus/Family
RT-N-W-0101 Anatonchidae M4*
RT-N-W-0201 Aphelenchidae*
RT-N-W-0301 Aphelenchoididae*
RT-N-W-0501 Cephalobidae*
RT-N-W-0601 Diphterophoridae*
RT-N-W-0801 Dorylaimida D1*
RT-N-W-0802 Dorylaimida D2*
RT-N-W-0803 Dorylaimida D3*
RT-N-W-1101 Helicotylenchus spp.*
RT-N-D-1303 Meloidogyne spp.
RT-N-W-1401 Monohysteridae*
RT-N-W-1501 Mononchidae M2*
RT-N-W-1502 Mononchidae M3*
RT-N-W-1601 Mylonchulidae M1*
RT-N-D-1701 Paratrichodorus spp.
RT-N-W-1801 Paratylenchus spp.*
RT-N-W-1901 Plectidae (w.o. Anaplectus)*
RT-N-W-2201 Rotylenchus spp.*
RT-N-D-2801 Steinernema spp.
RT-N-W-2301 Teratocephalidae*
RT-N-D-2401 Trichodorus spp.
RT-N-W-2501 Tylolaimophorus spp.*

Nematode Species Specific Real-Time PCR Diagnostic Kits

Product code Species
RT-N-D-0302 Aphelenchoides besseyi
RT-N-D-0303 Aphelenchoides fragariae
RT-N-W-0304 Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi*
RT-N-W-0305 Aphelenchoides subtenuis*
RT-N-D-0401 Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
RT-N-D-0701 Ditylenchus destructor
RT-N-D-0704 Ditylenchus dipsaci
RT-N-D-1001 Globodera pallida
RT-N-D-1002 Globodera rostochiensis
RT-N-D-1003 Globodera tabacum
RT-N-D-1201 Heterodera avenae
RT-N-D-1202 Heterodera betae & trifolii
RT-N-D-1204 Heterodera glycines
RT-N-D-1205 Heterodera schachtii
RT-N-D-1305 Meloidogyne chitwoodi
RT-N-D-1307 Meloidogyne enterolobii
RT-N-D-1309 Meloidogyne fallax
RT-N-D-1310 Meloidogyne hapla
RT-N-D-1311 Meloidogyne minor
RT-N-D-1312 Meloidogyne naasi
RT-N-D-1702 Paratrichodorus nanus
RT-N-D-1703 Paratrichodorus pachydermus
RT-N-D-1704 Paratrichodorus teres
RT-N-D-2001 Pratylenchus crenatus
RT-N-D-2002 Pratylenchus neglectus
RT-N-D-2003 Pratylenchus penetrans
RT-N-D-2004 Pratylenchus pratensis
RT-N-D-2005 Pratylenchus thornei
RT-N-D-2006 Pratylenchus vulnus
RT-N-D-2101 Radopholus similis
RT-N-D-2402 Trichodorus primitivus
RT-N-D-2403 Trichodorus similis
RT-N-D-2404 Trichodorus viruliferus
RT-N-D-2701 Xiphinema index

 * Assay not yet available in lyophilized format.

Real-Time PCR Diagnostic kits are available from a minimum of 50 reactions.

The ClearDetections diagnostic kits are designed for Real-Time PCR applications. However, most of them are also suitable for conventional PCR.

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