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Symposium: Plant Health Diagnostics and its impact in Agriculture

Plant Health Diagnostics is a key component on sustainable agriculture and forestry, and in phytosanitary legislation.
Having fast, reliable and accurate methods to screen your soil, plant, seeds or wood derivates is essential to ensure plant health standards and avoid the dissemination of diseases.
Yet it seems like the complexity of the matrixes, the diversity of the pathogenic agents and the costs of proper diagnostics, make this a less popular topic on the discussions about sustainable agriculture and in the quest to feed the world.

How does Plant Health Diagnostics actually contributes for current global society major challenges from different points of view? What more should be done to ensure fit to purpose, accurate and accessible diagnostics to farmers, ecologists in the world? What are the major technical challenges lying ahead?

To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, ClearDetections is facilitating a dedicated symposium to Plant Health Diagnostics. An unique opportunity to gather different stakeholders in the field and prompt the topic discussion.

The event will take place on 20th January, 2021, from 14h to 17h CET. It will be a hybrid event, depending on the current Covid measurements.

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