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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What if I cannot find the products I'm looking for?

You can contact ClearDetections at info@cleardetections.com. We might already be working on this assay or be open to its development.

Check our services page for more information about the customised services we provide.

What are the shipment costs?

The cost of shipment varies according to your location and to the order itself (weight & dimensions). No dry ice is required which allows for a cheaper shipment. To inquire about costs, contact us.

What is the minimum I can order?

All our Kits are made with a minimum of 50 reactions. Kits with more reactions are also possible. For pricing please contact us.

How do I order in the webshop?

You can find our products in the webshop of our partner AgroCares.

Create an account 

Before you can buy our products, you first need to create an account. Via the webshop you will be able to create a new user account and purchase a subscription of your choice.

The registration process for a new user takes the following steps:

  • Go to the webshop.
  • Sign up as a new user.
  • Fill in all mandatory fields:
    • Your filled in address will also be your shipping address, unless you want to change it. Changing your shipping address is possible afterwards in your account details.
    • After login to the webshop, you can select the products you need to buy.

If you need more support for using the webshop, please send an email to info@cleardetections.com.

I have specific needs, can I still order by email?

If you want to order specific products which you can’t find in the webshop, it is of course still possible to send us an email with your order.

Send your email to info@cleardetections.com.

Do I need special equipment to use the kits?

Real-Time PCR diagnostic kits

To perform diagnostics with our kits you need a Real-Time PCR machine.
For sample preparation you need standard equipment for a molecular laboratory.

You can find a complete overview of the equipment you need in our manual.

DNA extraction & purification kits

The DNA extraction kit(s) require a thermoincubator and a micro centrifuge (tube format) or plate centrifuge (plate format) which can fit a plate assembly 58 mm high.

More information you can find in our manual.

Can I use any Real-Time PCR machine?

Our assays use a fluorescent DNA binding dye for detection and therefore will produce good results with any Real-Time PCR machine that has a FAM/SYBR channel for detection.

The wells in the PCR plate should have at least a volume of 25 uL. All our assays have a total volume of 20 uL per well (15 uL PCR mix + 5 uL DNA sample).

The ClearDetections PCR mixes do not contain a passive reference dye. If applicable, you have to deactivate any passive reference dye option in your Real-Time PCR software. Feel free to contact us for advice and support if this situation applies to you.

Is it possible to use a classical PCR machine?

ClearDetections Real-Time PCR assays are designed and tested only for Real-Time PCR purposes.

In exceptional cases you can use conventional PCR while using our kits. Please contact us for further inquiries on this matter.

Are ClearDetections assays multiplex?

All of our Real-Time PCR assays are simplex. Different target species assays can be carried out in one single PCR run simultaneously, as their PCR conditions are equal.

In the future multiplex assays will be available for the most popular nematode species. Follow the news on our website for any news on this topic or contact us for updates.

What is the scientific base of our technology?

The technology in our kits is based on a database with thousands of nematode sequences. Using this database we are able to make robust Real-Time PCR assays.

For more information about this database you can read this article.