About Us


Our team, specialized in Phytopatology, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics and Project Management in plant Health, works daily to

  • Develop, validate and produce our Diagnostic kits.
  • Answer scientific relevant questions in phytodiagnostics
  • Research & Develop innnovative, smart and accurate methods for plant disease diagnostics
  • Provide specialized taylored-made solutions to fit requirements of agri-companies, farmers and service laboratories.


At ClearDetections we are a SME with a mission of developing and deliver revolutionary plant health diagnostic tools to laboratories worldwide.

We aim at supporting customers at any point of the diagnosis process: from obtaining the DNA till the detection and identification of the targeted pathogen.

We work close together with Wageningen University, Plant Health Authorities (NPPOs) and service labs, to ensure our diagnostic methods are reliable and relevant for the Plant Health Industry.


Founded in 2011 as a joint Dutch Initiative from Wageningen University and the service laboratory BLGG, we were born with the intention of offering agricultural laboratories a turnkey solution for plant parasitic nematodes. A solution based on Real-Time PCR that is accurate, reliable and high-throughput method when compared with traditional morphology methods.

Operating from Wageningen, The Netherlands, we are always searching for the answers to your needs either by creating unique new products, by continuously improving the existing ones or by providing support to your process. Do we have what you are looking for? Get in touch with us. We are eager to create new opportunities with you.



Quality lies at the very heart of ClearDetections. From product development, reference material used, to production, all is done to achieve the highest quality standards, which is reflected in our customer confidence.

We follow internal R&D frameworks for product development based on EPPO and EPDIA. All ClearDetections products production and distribution are produced based GMP techniques and undergo a quality control process, based on EPDIA quality charter and ISO 9001:2015.


We are also in the process of obtaining ISO9001:2015 accreditation for the development and manufacture of real-time PCR diagnosis.  We invite quality audits from our customers at any stage of the relationship to ensure that we are providing products to the required quality.  All our products are fully traceable from the raw materials right through to the final end user.