Jop Wilten

Molecular Technician

  • Education:
    MSc Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology

Personal Experience

I am Jop Wilten and as a molecular and cellular biotechnologist with an interest in DNA work and affinity with nematodes, I started as intern at ClearDetections in 2021. During my internship, I worked on a Next Generation Sequencing project (Illumina) for identification of nematode communities.

My interest in community analysis and sequencing grew and in July (2023) I joined as a technician (molecular biology) to work on R&D projects such as Oxford Nanopore Sequencing and the development of diagnostic tools for monitoring virulent root-knot nematode & potato cyst nematode populations. Besides, I am also responsible for the production and development of our products and customer support. This offers a nice and diverse combination of challenges in which I can apply my molecular background together with my colleagues to solve complex problems and eventually contribute to soil health.