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Meloidogyne Tropical Root Knot Nematodes

Globally, over 2000 plants are susceptible to one or more Meloidogyne species. The following are among the most problematic and economically important:

Meloidogyne arenaria chitwoodi coffeicola | exigua enterolobii fallax | hapla incognita javanica | minor | naasi |

Assay available in our existing catalogue

  1. arenaria,incognitaand javanica are also known as the M. incognita species complex.

Currently the only way to discriminate between members of the M. incognita group is phenotypic analysis by a very experienced nematologist. This is a very time consuming and difficult task that requires nematode isolation and painstaking examination.

Real-Time PCR assays to detect each member of the M. incognita group is one of our most requested products.

We are currently developing Real-Time PCR assays for the identification of:

  1. arenaria,incognitaand javanica

Appeal for help

We aim to serve the whole world with reliable and affordable genetic tests. Our work is slowed by the difficulty in obtaining specimens, particularly from tropical and distant lands. You can help speed up and expand our development on the M. incognita group by sending us nematodes. Please contact us if you can help!

Partnerships and customised assay development

ClearDetections is always interested in developing new genetic tests where there is a need.

In collaboration with Plant Research International and Wageningen University and Research centre, we recently co-developed and began selling a Real-Time PCR assay for the detection of Fusarium oxysporum tropical race 4 (Panama disease of banana).

If you would like to explore the feasibility of developing a genetic test for your organism of interest, please get in touch.

Non-pathogens are also welcome!