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Fine-mapping rhizosphere communities


  • Research Name Fine-mapping rhizosphere communities
  • Timeline 2015 - 2019
  • Topic Nematodes

Fine-mapping rhizosphere communities

Unravelling the mechanisms underlying health and productivity promoting agricultural practices by fine-mapping rhizosphere communities

Having a multiyear study on different crops an extensive study of the rhizosphere was done, focused on the most relevant functional groups within the 1st and 2nd trophic layer of the soil (i.e. bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes).  Molecular techniques were applied for microbiome analysis and the insights obtain will allow development of diagnostic assays to provide robust crop-specific advices for the optimal and durable utilization of soil life.

By participating on the user committee of this project, ClearDetections ensures its leading position in terms of knowledge about Soil diagnostics and the potential developments that can contribute to the development of innovative tools that contribute to crop management.


  1. Wageningen University & Research
  2. ClearDetections B.V.
  3. NIOO
  4. SoilTech B.V.


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