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TTW 14708 HR matching


  • Research Name TTW 14708 HR matching
  • Timeline 2017 - 2021
  • Topic Nematodes

TTW 14708 HR matching

Molecular pathotyping of parasitic nematodes to maximize agronomic life span of non-hosts and host plant resistances

IPM techniques require an extended knowledge about plant pests present in the soil. Many plant parasitic nematodes present virulent and avirulent variants and can have different plants as hosts but not all of them are susceptible.

Within this project using pathogenomics pathotypes for different plant parasitic nematodes will be investigated to match pathogen populations with the right host plant resistances.

By participating on the user committee of this project, ClearDetections ensures its leading position in terms of knowledge about plant parasitic Nematodes diagnostics and the potential developments that can contribute to the development of even more targeted molecular diagnostics tools.


  1. WUR Laboratory of Nematology
  2. HLB B.V.
  3. ClearDetections B.V.
  4. NAK Emmeloord
  5. NAK Tuinbouw
  6. Joordens Zaden


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